Last week I shot a 2 days commercial for the hotel company NOVOTEL. The idea was to make a 360° tour into a 25 square meter room, with a digital arrow guiding the visitor and showing all the furniture options. 

We used steadicam, (operated by Mathieu Verdier), Alexa Mini and most of the time a 14 mm/16mm Master Prime. The ceiling was standard, 2,60m high. The movie was framed for 1.78 ratio, so most of the time everything was in the frame: 3 walls, a part of the ceiling and a big part of the floor. I planned to use 6 x Aladdin BiFLex Led 30x30 cm ( at some very specifics points of the ceiling. That was the perfect tool for us because we couldn't use bar or truss to hang anything. To keep the main light consistent through the window, (7th floor, no access from outside, no cherry picker) my gaffer (Alexis Grahovac) suggest me to use a technic that we both experimented together before: stack something very bright, large and thin with a big diffusion in front of it at the window. Usually we use a bunch of KinoFlo's but here we tried 4 x SL1 SWITCH from DMG lighting ( )  2cm thin and very powerful.

So everything was about LED in this setup !